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Out NOW on the iTunes and Google Play!

Tens Frame Snap now available on iTunes and Android Market!

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The target: "The Spy"

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Lets see him get out of this one

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The machine of "his" demise.

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The Spy Game

Android App IOS App

Release Date: 24 November 2016
Platforms: iOS, Android
You play as a Evil Mastermind who is hosting the worlds first Spy Game reality game show, though its less like a game show more like a giant maze of traps and danger for the spy.
Other Masterminds around the world compete against you designing mazes of traps with the goal of inflicting as much damage on the spy as possible. The "Evilest Mastermind Award" is given to the person who achieves the highest possible score while successfully navigating the spy through to the end of each challenge.


Tens Frame Snap

Full Version:
Android App IOS App

LITE Version:
Android App IOS App

Release Date: Nov 2012
Platforms: iOS, Android
An educational snap based tens frame game designed to assist educators to teach children fundamental mathematical concepts relating to pattern recognition. The game can be played in single player or two player modes, and can be customised to repeat specific card patterns if required.
Tens Frame Snap has been developed with input from Australian Catholic University Lecturers Ann Gervasoni and Linda Parish, and has been designed to facilitate the teaching of modern mathematical concepts to primary school aged children in classroom environments.